Princess, My Goofy Dog!

073 At one point in my life, I experienced a bout of what I thought was maternal instinct. It did not help that we had just moved and a little lonely. My husband decided that what would bring some verve to the home, was a perfect cute, cuddly lap dog that would soothe my soul and bring me vitality again.

And oh boy, she did just that, but not in the way we expected! In no way was she a lap dog!

She was full of enthusiasm, spunk and energy. The complete opposite of what we had expected. If you could take her for a walk five times a day, she would voluntarily up and go. When we ate, she had to sit next to us and keep us company.

She still does that, except since she has grown older, she has mellowed a bit.

She is still as goofy as ever and still thinks most strangers are friends and most dogs enjoy a social life just as much as she does!

She was born with a collapsed trachea though, and over the years, is having more difficulty breathing. The other health problem she had was a cyst in the womb and had to undergo a hysterectomy.

I’m looking forward to growing older with Princess, the complete opposite of what I expected from a Pomeranian, but I would not change anything about her, my goofy, fox-nosed girl!

All I can say is don’t judge a dog by generalized descriptions you find online about a breed. This one certainly did not fit the usual description of a Pomeranian, and I love her just the way she is!

Written for RightPet